1. One of my favorite places. A great deal of talking with and listening to God takes place here. Grateful for the journey that has brought me to this place - not a building, but a peace, a joy, a people, and a Presence.

  2. Grandma Pauline got an iphone today and during my basic 20 minute tutorial we took her first selfie!

  3. This is my mom. She is awesome and has always put her kids and grandkids first and herself last. The ultimate servant and a great example of generosity and caring for others. Love u so much mom.

  4. For real, happy Mothers Day to the most incredible mom, wife, and woman that I can imagine. @teresaknoblauch is truly a gift from God to me and each of our kids. She is the faithful balance for our family and we love her more than she knows. Love you babe.

  6. Leo’s Bat Boy was pretty awesome tonight!

  7. Tigers first game tonight and who hit a home run and got the game ball after the 7-6 win??? Kayden Robert!!!

  9. Happy 65th Grandpa Keith!

  10. Kayden is getting quite a “lesson” from Coach Boyce today!